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image Your Financial Stability Starts Here!! Your Financial Freedom Starts With Fintex Extra We Are Leaders In The Asset Management Industry! A place for everyone who wants to simply inveset in cryptocurrency. Fintex Extra has been in an existence since 2 March 2019 just for investment purpose and we are here to stay. Fintex Extra is an established platform of highly skilled Personnels, who have acquired extensive practice experiences and credibility in Investment and Bitcoin trading. Fintex Extra has established a strong investment track record with expertise in conventional fund management. All subsidiaries of the Fintex Extra are wholly owned entities which are regulated. As the assets under management continue to grow, the Fintex Extra has expanded and evolved to facilitate this growth and to ensure that effective fund management of the highest standard continues to be entrenched in the company’s mission to meet the needs of Fintex Extra's clients Your journey to future investment starts with us. We are always here and ready to give you the best experience services.


The track record and financial record of Fintex Extra start from our initial startup as a recycling and energy generating company. We love performing our due diligence and we generate money through shipping of goods, service to the public relation, Real Estate, Gold Minning, CFDS on stocks, ETFs, Purchasing of top Government bonds, recycling of waste materials and Bitcoin Minning; these and other several resources are the ways we raise money to pay you.

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Wondering how to make it happen? It's by taking a step. Make your first deposit and click on make deposit, select plan and the amount you want to deposit, copy the wallet address and proceed to make your payment

After a successful deposit, your deposit starts earning a percentage rate depending on the plan chose during payment. Enjoy the interest on the go. Good luck!!

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This could be the long lasting opportunity you have been praying for

We are an international financial company engaged in investment activities, which are related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges performed by qualified professional traders. Coin technology is registered and located at122, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara Malta

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    Your investments are highly secured on our platform. Make it your priority investing on our platform as we make it our priority giving you the best. Get the best security you have dreamed by investing with us now

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    We provide instant investments/payments. Immediately after a withdrawal request, funds are automatically sent to your e-currency account. Making it simple and easy for you. We keep to our promises by providing You the fastest trading you may wish.

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    Our Customers are so much happy. We guarantee high stable profits. Our Platform offers our clients proven and reliable investment plans with rates of return up to 5% Daily. Earn as you go!!. Investment has been better with our Platform!!

Our Investment Plans

Best and lucrative investment plans all for you


3% Daily for 7 days
  • minimum: $50.00
  • maximum: $9,999.00
  • percentage: 3%
  • Instant Withdrawal: Yes
  • duration: 7 Days
  • Interval: Daily
  • Referral Commission: 12%


4% Daily for 7 days
  • minimum: $10,000.00
  • maximum: $19,999.00
  • percentage: 4%
  • Instant Withdrawal: Yes
  • duration: 7 Days
  • Interval: Daily
  • Referral Commission: 12%


5% Daily for 7 days
  • minimum: $20,000.00
  • maximum: Unlimited
  • percentage: 5%
  • Instant Withdrawal: Yes
  • duration: 7 Days
  • Interval: Daily
  • Referral Commission: 12%
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Top 10 Deposits

# Username Amount ($)
1 G100xx $79,800.00
2 Aro $71,289.00
3 4060 $73,000.00
4 man $75,800.00
5 Eml1412 $75,888.00
6 1357 $80,000.00
7 days903082 $81,000.00
8 Biz77u $88,060.00
9 96361 $90,000.00
10 55555 $90,664.00

Top 10 Withdrawals

# Username Amount ($)
1 Eml1412 $19,860.00
2 man $22,800.00
3 Aro $24,480.00
4 G100xx $29,850.00
5 days903082 $30,000.00
6 1357 $33,800.00
7 96361 $34,588.00
8 Biz77u $34,660.00
9 4060 $41,770.00
10 55555 $45,877.00
Experienced Team at Fintex Extra

Our experienced Teams that Maintain Best Investment Strategy


Allessandro Adri

Company CEO

Anabel Virginia

CEO Market

Broyos Steve

Company Director
Coins we Accept

Below are the list of cryptocurrency that we accept in our company. We may update to new ones

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Making residual income just got simpler, invest your money in our platform and get good return on investment.

Frequently Ask Questions

Let’s Answer Some Of Your Questions Or Frequently Asked Questions

First, your depost must have stayed 7 days with it's accumulation. You can click on update wallet address and make sure your wallet address with which you want to withdraw the money to is valid. Click on request for withdrawal and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Admin will make this payment to your provide wallet address and deposit proof will be sent.

Login to your account with your username and password. click on make deposit and select the plan, coins to pay with and the amount you wish to pay. If you haven't added your wallet address to the cryptocurrency you wish to pay with, you will be prompted to add them and it's recommended. On the next page, confirm your deposit and proceed to make payment. A QRcode will generated, scan with your payment app or copy the wallet address if no QRcode is generated and make your payment. Your account will be updated once the admin approves your payment.

we make use of flexible payment options that will best suit the needs of our clients. We accept BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, ETHEREUM, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, BNB, PAYEER, PERFECT MONEY and many more

We engage in Real Estate, Shipping of Goods and Services, Gold Minning, CFDS on stocks, ETFs, Purchasing of top Government bonds , recycling of waste materials and Bitcoin Minning; these and other several resources are the ways we raise money to pay you

Your investment are calculated based on your investment plans you chose during your payment. Our plans are listed above and their accumulatioin per day is as well listed. If you invested with a minimum of 50USD for a 3% plan, you accumulation is 3% of 50USD per day for 7 days

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122, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara Malta

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We are Certified to Trade as an Investment Company

Our great concern is to see that you make out your way with the huge Return on an Investment, (RIO). We have been on an existence just for cryptocurrency investments and give you the top notch of your investments We are certified to trade and handle your investment and we are here to give you the best of the future investment. Our company is one of the best and reliable investment platform for you. Our existence has been certified under INCORPORATION as a private limited company to trade coins and give our clients the best of our experience.

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